Notice and Calendar Planning for GeoFacts Webinars January 2017

Watch for online registration to these informative webinars.

To join webinar notices, please email, or call 416-674-1770.

Helpful GeoFacts Topics

  1. GEOTECHNICAL Fundamentals and Applications
  2. ENVIRONMENTAL Site Assessment and Risk Assessment
  3. GROUND IMPROVEMENT Solutions and Techniques
  4. CONSTRUCTION Quality Assurance Monitoring
  5. EARTHWORKS and FOUNDATION Design and Construction
  6. BROWNFIELDS Solving Contaminated Soil and Groundwater
  7. PAVEMENTS Investigation, Evaluation and Rehabilitation
  8. GEOTECHNICAL INSTRUMENTATION Innovations and Applications
  9. FINITE ELEMENT MODELLING Geotechnical Applications
  10. TUNNELLING and MINING Fundamentals of Open Pit and Underground Openings
  11. DAM SAFETY and SLOPE STABILITY for Water and Earth Structures
  12. HYDROGEOLOGY and HYDROLOGY Groundwater and Surface Water Solutions