SARAFINCHIN GeoEngineering Consultants is expanding as a dedicated group of earth engineering and environmental specialists to advance project achievements and schedules.

Since 1984 our SARAFINCHIN Associates Ltd. company provides advanced engineering geology and geophysics, geotechnical engineering and design, geoenvironmental engineering and site remediation, hydrogeology, ground improvement design, earthworks management and site monitoring, construction quality assurance testing, and mining geotechnics to support all public and private sector project sites anywhere.

SARAFINCHIN have celebrated our 30 year milestone of our Toronto engineering offices and testing laboratories. For easy access we are conveniently located adjacent to Toronto International Airport. We have professional engineering offices, reception and meeting rooms, certified testing laboratories, sample storage, modelling and instrument calibration benches. For years we have developed affiliation and liaison offices in Canada, United Sates, Mexico, the Caribbean, Africa, the Middle East, Europe and Southeast Asia to support our client projects with global experience and local knowledge.

Our SARAFINCHIN Certified Testing Laboratories and affiliated analytical laboratories are fully equipped and professionally staffed for characterizing soil, rock, groundwater, contaminants, aggregates, concrete, asphalt, and building materials. We are certified by and maintain a membership in the Canadian Council of Independent Laboratories (CCIL). We participate in Ministry of Transportation Ontario Correlation Programs to maintain high testing standards and reporting protocol. We are a member of many professional associations in the engineering – construction – environmental – mining industries including LEED Green Environmental certification.

Our SARAFINCHIN Founders and Principals have completed over 3000 projects in Canada, United States, Europe, Mexico, the Caribbean, South America, Africa, Pacific and Southeast Asia on a wide spectrum of geoengineering sites supporting transportation, telecommunications, mining, power generation and flow control dams, forestry, industrial plants, municipal infrastructure; buildings for industrial, commercial, residential and institutional land uses; deep excavations, high slopes, shafts and tunnels, ground subsidence and improvement, and marine structures.

Our SARAFINCHIN Professional Engineering Teams graduate from and are affiliated with major Canadian and International universities specializing in engineering geology, geotechnical and geoenvironmental engineering, hydrogeology and earth sciences, geophysics and geochemistry, and construction quality assurance monitoring. We have experienced project management and knowledgeable project engineering staff, certified engineering technologists and technicians supported by modern computerized systems, field measuring equipment, certified testing laboratories, and all for the purpose to be efficient and to expedite your project goals, schedules and costs.

Our knowledge, experience, innovation, dedication and problem solving approaches provide a full range of specialist geoengineering solutions.

Our SARAFINCHIN Geotechnical Engineering Services include site investigation and specialized insitu testing reports, soil and rock mechanics, in-situ field testing such as FVT, SPT, CPTU, DCPT, DP, DMT, SBPT, MPM, CPM and borehole geophysics, downhole pressuremeter and stress/strain gauge testing, foundation engineering, bearing capacity and settlement calculations, geological mapping, geophysical surveys, terrain evaluation, site and route selection, quarries and aggregates, land and marine drilling, soft ground engineering, ground improvement, dam safety and reservoir design, diaphragm walls, open pit and underground mines, tailings dam design and construction, mine tailings management, mine closure, acid mine drainage, deep geothermal energy exploration, slope stability analyses, safe setback distances to river banks and flood plains, reinforced earth slopes, soil and rock anchors, soil nails, geogrid reinforcement, shoreline erosion protection, tunnel and shaft studies, HDD horizontal directional drilling under structures and terrain features and water courses, excavation and shoring, dredging excavation and backfill, land reclamation and soil improvement schemes, ground stabilization, ground improvement, land reclamation, embankment preloading, deep vibro-compaction and vibro-floatation design and monitoring of loose granular soils, vertical drains, Marshall and Superpave pavement evaluation and design, flexible asphalt and rigid concrete roadways, erosion and drainage surveys, frozen ground engineering, seismic and vibration surveys, field instrumentation and data logger monitoring, construction inspection, materials laboratory testing, recycled aggregates, onsite performance verification testing, geotextile and geomembrane selection, GIS mapping, research and development programs and practical applications, computer modelling, pilot production testing, design specification review, and peer review team assignments.

Our SARAFINCHIN Environmental Engineering Services include environmental site assessment, environmental risk assessment, environmental impact assessment, geochemical sampling and testing, toxic and hazardous material surveys, hydrocarbons and metals, contaminant migration control, hydrogeology, porewater pressure transducers, aquifer and well pumping tests, groundwater and surface water interaction, monitoring wells and piezometers, controlled dewatering and recharge wells, hydrogeologic assessment for permit to take water, groundwater supply, water quantity and water quality, boreholes and monitoring wells, ModFlow groundwater and contaminant modelling to determine saline – brackish – freshwater layers in coral limestone formations for groundwater supply to reverse osmosis desalination plant and brine wastewater injection, site wastewater treatment, remediation technologies screening, containment and extraction systems, leaky underground storage tanks, cut off containment trench to handle contaminant plumes, injection wells, site remediation, waste management, marine and biological services, waste mechanics, landfill containment, well head protection, regional groundwater plans, leachate and gases, septic systems, computer modelling of soil and rock stresses, consolidation settlement, groundwater and contaminant migration, agency liaison, regulatory approvals, permits and certification.

Our SARAFINCHIN Construction QA/QC Monitoring Services include condition surveys, site rehabilitation studies, marine surveys, site drilling and sampling, borehole and test pit logs, foundation inspection, caisson and piling inspection, sloped open cut and braced excavation monitoring, soil and rock anchor testing, grouting and underpinning inspection, soil compaction testing, earthworks quality control, precision ground surveys, geomechanics and rock testing, soil cement mixes, bentonite seals, recycled crushed concrete and brick and glass subbase for pavements and drainage, ASTM soil laboratory testing, MTO aggregate testing, CCIL – CSA ready mix and precast concrete technology, CCIL hot mix asphalt technology, CWB steel inspection, built up and single ply roofing inspection, sub-drainage and waterproofing, geosynthetic testing, technical audits, air quality studies, asbestos surveys, feasibility studies, claim review, forensic engineering and expert testimony.

Our SARAFINCHIN Client List includes a wide variety of public and private sector groups including federal, provincial, regional and municipal governments, architects, automotive industries, civil engineers, conservation authorities, dam operators, developers, school boards, financial institutions, forestry operators, general contractors, hospitals, infrastructure building and repair, power generators, insurance, lawyers and forensic accounting, mining, oil and petrochemical companies, pension funds, property managers, realtors, recreational agencies, structural and transportation engineers, and a wide variety of special client groups.

Our SARAFINCHIN History of Projects include building additions for York University, University of Toronto, Ryerson University, Ashbridges Bay Treatment Plant, C2 Waterfront building site remediation, Coniston Dam evaluation, Crystal Falls Dam rock stability, Toronto Eaton Centre foundation excavations and buildings, Guyana Dock assessment, Greenboro Soft Clay building settlements, Highway 407 ETR pavement subsurface and drainage investigations, Iqaluit Radar tower site investigation, JV Petroleum environmental site assessment, Kidd Creek Mine and rock stability analyses, Lionhead Estates Golf Course and residential subdivision, Mustique Airport Runway, Orenda Aerospace site remediation, OTMH Hospital building and additions, Roseau Dam rockfill reconstruction, Sandy Lane Resort groundwater supply system, Guyana Terminal environmental site assessment, Humber Bay Bridge, Hwy 400 and Major MacKenzie bridge crossing, Scarborough Bluffs slope stability analyses, Crane Beach rock slope stability analyses, St. Laurent Du Maroni SA, Environmental Site Assessment, Oakville Soil Remediation, Loreland Site Remediation Plan, Minto Soil Density Improvement Repairs, Toronto Portlands Bridge, Enbridge pipeline crossings, Toronto Port seawall collapse investigation and repairs, Toronto Island airport runway extension analyses, Pharmaceutical Plant spill containment, high rise deep excavation site review, dams in west Africa, flood control structures in northern Europe, marine shipping terminals in southeast Asia, and a wide variety of over 3000 project site assignments.

Our SARAFINCHIN Key Personnel attend regular workshops, technical seminars and conferences for training on technical, safety and management practices. Our principal engineers publish textbooks, book chapters, present technical papers and case histories at geoengineering conferences and give keynote, public and special lectures in professional societies and tertiary institutions. We act in value added engineering peer reviews, as well as expert testimony for claims and litigation in major civil engineering and mining projects. Our staff complete various review and testing programs. We are Ontario Building Code Registered Designers in building structures indicating our Professional Engineers are knowledgeable and experienced in geotechnical and foundation engineering matters. We are designated Professional Engineers. We are designated Consulting Engineers. We are designated as an Honorary Specialist in Geotechnics by the Association of Professional Engineers of Ontario. We have LEED Green Environmental certification. Since the inception of our company we have maintained comprehensive insurance coverage for general and commercial liability, professional liability, pollution, company equipment and vehicles.

SARAFINCHIN Consulting Engineers believe that:

(1) our experienced professional engineers, scientists and technicians,

(2) our modern offices in strategic geographic locations,

(3) our certified laboratory facilities with advanced testing equipment and technologies, and

(4) our commitment to problem solving for our clients, will help your organization in site

development challenges allowing owners, designers, constructors and agencies to stay focused on their other important business matters.

SARAFINCHIN GeoEngineering Consultants are loyal to our client teams and colleagues and offer continued reliance on our specialized earth engineering and environmental services to support your organization and rapidly move your project goals and timelines forward.