Project Description

Available historical information dating back to 1884 indicated the site was formed by backfilling the old lake wharves and reclaimining the land from Lake Ontario. The land was previously occupied by grain sheds, railway tracks, machine shops, an old powerhouse and ship wharves.

Eighteen boreholes, ten test pits and an EM31 electromagnetic survey showed loose mixed fill consisting of sand, silty clay lumps, topsoil pockets, gravel, coal, cinders, brick rubble, wood chips and other construction debris extending to depths ranging from 4.3 to 5.5 m approximately across the site. A thin layer of approximately 0.5 to 1.2 m of sand with silt and clay inclusions was found below the fill. Grey shale bedrock of the Georgian Bay formation was noted between approximate Elev. 70.5 m to 71.2 m. The rock surface is weathered and at some locations is more till like. Below the weathered zone the rock is predominantly horizontally bedded shale with interbedded layers of hard limestone.

Field monitoring showed a variable groundwater level at about 3.0 m depth. A gradual hydraulic gradient and slow groundwater movement is in a southerly direction towards the lake.

The geochemical sampling and testing results showed classifications of unclean non-inert fill with wood and organics disposed of at an approved landfill. Other nonregistrable and nonhazardous fills were taken to Keele Valley landfill or the equivalent. Localized areas as in the southwest having exceedances of phenols, lead, mercury, zinc and arsenic were taken by Philip Environmental to their licensed landfill.

Geoenvironmental site inspection included the classification of clean and contaminated soils based on colour, odour, texture, ionization potential, previous and supplementary geochemical sampling and testing results and temporary stockpiling as needed prior to disposal.

The soil cleanup program comprising about 160,000 tonnes was successfully completed in accordance with the guidelines for the decommissioning and cleanup of sites in Ontario prepared by the waste management branch of the Ontario Ministry of the Environment (1989).

Project Facts