Project Description

The Lionhead Development is located between the Credit River and Mississauga Road south of Highway 7 in Brampton. It comprises two 18 hole golf courses, practice range, large clubhouse, office and maintenance buildings, vehicular and pedestrian bridges, 120 lot residential estate subdivision, roadways, riverbank slopes, drainage courses, pumping stations, water wells, irrigation ponds and septic systems.

Field investigations comprising boreholes, standard penetration testing, dynamic cone tests, thin wall samplers, field vane tests, percolation and field permeability testing encountered thick topsoil layers followed by loose to compact sands and silty sands overlying firm clayey silt. A firm silty clay was encountered in localized areas. Groundwater levels were variable between 2.8 and below 8.1m depth. Seasonal groundwater level fluctations are anticipated and higher levels are expected in wet seasons.

The clubhouse footings are on native undisturbed soils capable of supporting a design net bearing pressure of 95kPa at a depth of 1.2m. The several ponds required impermeable liners in order to maintain pond water levels above the local observed water table and to mitigate seepage of the pond water into the pervious sands and silty sand. Septic tile bed systems and subsurface drainage were designed and constructed.

The office building column loads were supported on straight shafted caissons advanced through the upper weak cohesive soils into a competent glacial till at depth.

The residential estate subdivision work required hydrogeologic surveys and monitoring for surrounding water wells, trench excavation and backfill testing of excavated native soils and imported aggregates, groundwater control measures, concrete and asphalt testing. Comprehensive site inspection and laboratory materials testing was carried out to confirm compliance with the requirements of the project specifications and construction drawings.


Project Facts