Project Description

The Esso and Texaco bulk distribution facilities will undergo modifications and modernization resulting from the planned closure of the Mobil refinery. Since the 1930’s Texaco handles avgas, gas oil and LPG. From the 1960’s Esso handles fuel oil, jet fuel and gas oil. The crude oil will be stored at Esso and off loaded onto tanker ships at the Flour Mill Jetty. Crude transport will change from the existing Woodbourne to Mobil route, to a proposed Woodbourne to Spring Garden route along less populated areas. The sites are characterized by thin surficial fill and organic layers underlain by medium grained sand and coral bedrock.

The Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment reviews the possibility of past or present contamination. Esso has six AST’s with 12M gallons of storage volume and Texaco has six AST’s with 2M gallons stored. In the Phase 2 Environmental Site Assessment seventeen testholes were advanced at Texaco and twelve testholes at Esso plus sealed monitoring wells. Groundwater measurements and geochemical testing were conducted.

The Environmental Impact Assessment identifies the potential environmental impacts from the proposed modifications including sources, pathways and receptors. All of the environmental scenarios that were identified to be of interest in the risk matrix analysis were further evaluated in the Environmental Risk Assessment. As an extension of the overall risk assessment studies the Social Impact Assessment focuses on the potential impacts from the Texaco Spring Garden terminal modifications on the Pile Bay and Brighton Beach communities. The Marine Impact Assessment is a detailed study of the proposed offshore marine pipeline extension and the new mooring facility to handle loading and offloading petroleum and LPG products on larger tanker ships. The Hydrogeological Assessment studies the groundwater flow conditions in the area of the Texaco Spring Garden terminal and evaluates the potential migration to the adjacent and recently constructed pumping wells at the BWA desalination plant.

Project Facts